The reveal that placed Scranton in the spotlight is auctioning props, local souvenirs

David LaMagna said the best taker was a mini protection printed on the design of his minor football team. He has one, but Malone, adoring the NBC channel, "All those who, in front of an incredible number of supporters of the world, are auctioning five hundred - an unlimited number of coupons on the Internet, the The show that agent of the television, the agents post very high prices and sell for thousands. Thursday, by Krasinski, 300. A couple of water-based dishes, Angela Martin, confiscated at work the felines held back, identifying themselves scribbled privately, a hundred. All have NBC reliability. The estimates to a red color glass company Co. Writing Instruments complete once pose the human caricature Schrute, reaches one hundred. "It's really kind of engaging this type of legendary TV - beloved television said Byrne, creator of Denver's Colorado. The winners pay extra fees for shipping a high percentage of the price for online residence in Florida.

David LaMagna is considered the best buyer for a mini head protection engraved with the logo of his minor category football team. He has another, a mini NEPA Miners head guard that he will keep in a glass wine scenario, but Kevin Malone, the clumsy and affectionate accountant of NBC's "All Offices" chain, "Any office ", neglected none. Five years after the chain, which has permanently placed Scranton in front of an incredible number of supporters around the world, has always left the media, NBC auction five hundred accessories: a chest of indescribable tchotchkes and Internet coupons widely spread on the television. the show sets. Obsolete and worn out seats, agents and computer screens are normally sold to thousands of people. On Thursday, the price of offers to buy a desk lamp by the improbable idol Jim Halpert, played by John Krasinski, reached $ 300 in Bucksone. A pair of water and food-based dishes that Angela brands Martin, Angela Kinsey, could have sneaked into work to supply the felines she has kept, is at Bucks300. A distributor of black stripes, with all the "Dwight" identity scribbled in Wite-Out privately, hits Bucksone, a hundred. All items include a NBC Reliability Certificate. Estimates for a red-colored glass Scranton Jogging Co. full of writing instruments that once stood on the desk of human caricature, played by actor or actress Rainn Wilson, reached Bucksfive Cent. "It's really entertaining to participate in this type of legendary TV show - the most popular TV shows of all time, I think," said You can own Denver's creator Scranton Jogging, He Byrne. Winning bidders can pay more for shipping and delivery, and get an exceptional 24% on the sludge auction price that will be awarded to the ScreenBid residence in the Florida online auction market.

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